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EP38: The ABCs of Minimalist Decision Making

What does minimalist decision making look like? Today we are talking with Danielle Gohr of She runs the blog, a podcast and virtual book club. The goal of Catch This Mama is to provide solutions to the challenges we face as moms on a daily basis. She will share her own formula – the ABCs of decision making  – to live a more intentional and minimalist life.

The ABCs of decision making to live a more intentional and minimalist life:

A – ANALYZE – What you envision your life to look like – now, in 6 months, a few years, etc.?

B – What is the BEST thing could come from the decision you are wanting to make in regards to moving toward a more intentional life?

C- COMMIT– What can you commit to doing today to move a little bit closer to the life you want?

How to Find Danielle around the Web:

What do you think of Danie’s ABC formula for simplicity in 2018? Are you ready to Analyze your life, pick the Best actions and Commit?

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