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EP37: You Do You

Welcome to the Minimalist Mantra of the Week – a quick, 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week.

This week’s mantra is: You Do You

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Minimalist Mantra of the Week: You Do You

I think there is a big myth about minimalism. People tend to assume they need to be minimal in all areas of their life. Or, that their minimalism has to look like other people’s minimalism.

Let me assure you: there’s no minimalism police. No one will search your house and ridicule you for having too many colors of nail polish or your children having too many toys.

Diane and I believe wholeheartedly that minimalism is a tool in your life skills toolbox that you can utilize when needed.

We’ve chosen to think of minimalism in two parts: The first being the curating of your physical stuff and the second is mindfulness – being purposeful about how you structure your daily life to make sure you’re focusing on what’s important to you and letting go of the rest.

The worst thing we can do is force ourselves into minimalism for minimalism’s sake. Let’s say you love to bake. Don’t make yourself miserable because you feel you should keep your pantry minimal. Don’t limit yourself to a certain number of ingredients or abstain from buying that occasional exotic ingredient.

It’s one thing if you can’t find anything in your baking cabinet and everything all but falls on top of you when you open the door. Then, you may need to minimize somewhere else – empty another cabinet – to make room for this thing you’re passionate about. Or, maybe you’re blowing through your grocery budget at the baking supply store every month. You can minimize another line item on your budget to give yourself a little more play money for baking.

If it truly brings you joy and fulfillment, find a way to make it work. In our view, that’s what minimalism is all about!

Another minimalism myth is that everything needs to be painted white and all your furniture needs to have clean lines. Oh, and all your children’s toys should be wooden and unpainted.

Sure, there is a design style labeled “minimalism;” however, it has very little to do with the practice of minimalism. Not one of the walls in my house is painted white. We have comfy stuffed chairs and I have shelves of unnecessary items on display. I don’t think someone would walk into my house and say: “You must be a minimalist.” And, that’s okay.

Those photos with all white and sparse furniture feel sterile to me. I want my home to feel comfortable and inviting when someone enters.

We’re practicing minimalism our way. We’re being us. So, You Do You.

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