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Ep35: Know Yourself

Welcome to the Minimalist Mantra of the Week – a quick 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week.

This week’s mantra is: Know Yourself

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Minimalist Mantra of the Week: Know Yourself

Knowing who you are, what makes you happy, or what fulfills you seems like an easy task. You live with yourself every day. You would think you would be confident in making statements about who you are. But, at one time or another,  we find ourselves wondering what kind of cog are we in this big engine of life.

I’m kinda obsessed with personality tests. Not those quizzes you find online to find out which Star Wars character you’re most likely to marry. No, I’m talking about personality typing systems such as Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinders, the DiSC assessment or the Enneagram.

I’m fascinated by them because they give me a perspective that’s hard to grasp without being shone. They help me discover how I fit into the big picture of our family, workplace or community. They help me answer questions like: Which role should I volunteer to perform on this committee? Should my husband or I handle our personal finances? Why do I get so irritated when my child can’t remember to wash their hands after using the restroom?

I’d always thought of this process as one in which we had to ask someone else for the answers. We take a test or are evaluated by an expert. However, I’m beginning to think that simplifying our lives can be an exercise in learning about ourselves as well.

I was brushing up on the KonMarie method of organizing when this quote hit me:

“…when we’re caught up in the past and fear for the future, being unable to discard means that we can’t see what we need, what will satisfy us, or what we’re really seeking. It’s a sign that our selection standards aren’t clear, not only for our relationships with things but also with people, our jobs, and our lives.”

That is why our Minimalist Mantra of the Week is: Know Yourself

Decluttering and simplifying our lives is another way of getting to know ourselves.

Through the process of making hundreds of small decisions about what we want in our lives, we not only decide what we literally want to surround ourselves with, we also hone in on who we truly are. As Marie Kondo put it, we clearly identify our selection standards. We find out what we want for our future and can let go of the past.

By making many small decisions, we gain confidence in making the big decisions in life and gravitate towards people, places and things that will accomplish those goals for us.

This week, go forth and Know Yourself! Trust us. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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