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EP33: Choose JOMO

Welcome to a new series, the Minimalist Mantra of the Week, where we deliver a quick 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week.

This week’s mantra is: Choose JOMO

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Minimalist Mantra of the Week: Choose JOMO

What’s JOMO, you may ask?

JOMO may sound like a weird tribal cry, but it’s an acronym: The Joy of Missing Out.

JOMO is the antithesis of an acronym you may be familiar with: FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out.

First, let me explain FOMO, for those who may not be familiar:

We typically say we’re suffering from a case of FOMO when we can’t shake the feeling that someone else is happier because they have or are experiencing something we are not.

For example: “I have major FOMO right now because I see tons of Instagram pics of the grab bags they gave away at the grand opening of that cute little boutique.”

Basically, FOMO means we’re afraid we are going to or have already missed out on something. In a word: jealousy. Yes, FOMO is when the green monster of envy rears its ugly head.

Today we’re going to talk about kicking FOMO to the curb. We want you to experience JOMO  – the Joy Of Missing Out.

JOMO is when we stop fearing we will miss out on something and focus instead on the positive side of setting boundaries for ourselves.

Instead of focusing on what we aren’t acquiring during our minimalism journey, we can choose to focus on what we’re gaining.

There are two sides to every coin.

When you set a priority of owning less stuff, you are choosing more of something else. You are conserving your time, money and physical space.

For example, when you set your priority on traveling more, you are choosing to cut back what you consume to have the budget for travel.

Sometimes we focus on the loss rather than the gain. We lose sight of the big picture goal and dwell on what we perceive as a loss in the present moment.


That is why our Minimalist Mantra of the Week is: Choose JOMO

Replace the fear of missing out with the joy of what you have preserved.

Replace the fear of missing out on juicy gossip on your Facebook feed with the joy of finishing a new novel.

Replace the fear in not “saving” money on that sale item with the joy of saving a ton of time buying the one item you needed online.

Replace the fear of missing out on the latest iPhone upgrade with the joy of seeing your debt dwindle.

We have a choice. We can frame our own experiences. Choose joy.

Choose the Joy of Missing Out.


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