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EP30: Minimizing Holiday Decor

In this week’s episode, we’ll discuss how to be purposeful with our holiday decor without being a grinch.

You know how it goes. The school year has barely begun and retailers are already pushing holiday decor. Just the other day I walked into Costco only to be caught off guard by Christmas trees and twinkle lights. Halloween was still over a week away! While there’s nothing wrong with crafting a cozy space to enjoy during the holiday, there is also something to be said about being intentional. 

On bringing new decor in:

  • Create an experience – gingerbread houses, crafting paper chains with kiddos, advent calendar on the wall, wall trees, paper snowflakes, create your own wrapping paper (can be less expensive)
  • Analyze your reasoning for the purchase. Make a list before you set out so you aren’t tempted by the discounted prices.
  • Bring the outdoors in! Greens, Pumpkins, Flowers (Trader Joes has GREAT deals on these.)

On the decorations you already have:

  • It can’t ALL be your favorite or nothing is really your favorite.
  • Purge what you have.
  • Keep the meaningful.

Other tips:

  • Don’t go overboard. Less is best.
  • Decorate with music!
  • Decor you can toss
  • Wrap mirrors, frames with wrapping paper
  • Admire others’ decor.

Links Discussed in This Episode:


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  1. Anita Anita

    This is my year to go through every Christmas decor box. As I was listening to the podcast, half of the boxes were in my living room already being sorted. I am being pretty harsh with the sorting, my husband – not so much. I finally agreed to keep one box for decorating with the new grandkids on mind for him. So far, I have cut my bins in 1/2. Still more to go but feeling good about this.

    The Louisville/Lexington thing made
    Me laugh. I live between the two and can attest to the same addresses in both cities.

    Love the podcast.

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      That’s awesome! Sounds like you’re crushing it. Also, glad we could make you laugh 😊

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