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Ep29: One Is Enough

Welcome to a new series, the Minimalist Mantra of the Week, where we deliver a quick 5-minute episode with a phrase you can think on throughout the week.

This week’s mantra is: One Is Enough

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Minimalist Mantra of the Week: One Is Enough

This week’s mantra is: One Is Enough

I cannot tell you how many times I fall into the trap of assuming if one of something is good, then more than one is better.

The first time I noticed this phenomenon was in my clothing choices.

What? That cute shirt comes in 5 colors? I better grab two.

Sometimes buying multiples is motivated by “saving” money. I have often fallen prey to the “two-for” sale. You pay $20 for one shirt but you could get two for $35.

I mean, who ISN’T tempted by a BOGO sale?

What these sales strategies are subtly programming our brains to believe is More is Better.  

It seems to say: “You would be an idiot to pay full price for one when you could buy two for cheaper.”

However, my experience has always been that more isn’t better but less than.

Take my example of buying a cute shirt. You find a style that you love. You pick out the color you want, but then select another because you want to take advantage of the discount.

I have fallen prey to this sales strategy many times and you know what happens? I only wear my first choice. I may wear the other one a few times, but after awhile it goes unnoticed in the drawer. It’s less than, less than the original, the shirt you truly wanted.

That is why our Minimalist Mantra of the Week is: One is Enough.

One shirt is enough. You didn’t save any money. You actually lost money because you didn’t wear that other shirt and then you lost peace of mind because you felt guilty for not wearing the other shirt.

“One is enough” doesn’t only apply to clothing purchases. More broadly, it applies to anything or experience we try to recreate because the original was so fantastic.

Just the other day a friend was telling me how they had an amazing vacation in Baja only to return the next year and not enjoy it. The people were different, the atmosphere had changed and the magic was gone. It wasn’t the original experience. For them, one trip was enough.

I most often fall into the trap of thinking more is better when it comes to food. If I eat one cinnamon roll, more will be better, right? Nope! Instead of enjoying the gooey goodness fresh from the oven, I got the lukewarm leftovers…and a stomach ache. One cinnamon roll is definitely enough.

The heart of the matter is we don’t stop to savor and appreciate the magical experience or perfect fit we had the first time. We got greedy and wanted more.

So, the next time you’re tempted to go out and buy another fabulous silk kimono that’s become your favorite go-to outfit, remind yourself that you won’t be happy with less than the original.

One is Enough.



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