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EP28: Minimalist Meal Planning

Today we’re talking with Angie Trueblood of She’s going to teach us how to simplify the tasks of grocery shopping and meal planning so we can finally answer with confidence the inevitable question: Mom, what’s for dinner!?

Topics we cover:

  • Easy meal planning
  • How to handle picky eaters
  • Dinner theme nights
  • Easy dinner options
  • Minimal grocery shopping
  • Shopping at bulk grocery stores
  • Meal delivery services

Links Discussed in this Episode:

Connect With Angie:

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  1. Stephanie Braun Stephanie Braun

    We’ve fallen in love with the Our Groceries app in our household when meal planning. You can have different lists for different stores so that you are more efficient. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t get purchased. We also just constantly add to it when we run out of something (which keeps us from overbuying because we can’t remember if we ran out or already replaced it, etc)

    Both my husband and I have it on our phones so that when we go to the store as a family, we can divide and conquer. You can also store recipes in there to add ingredients to your list quickly!

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      That’s amazing Stephanie! Thanks for the tip!

    • Ooooooh! I love that idea, too, Stephanie. We’ve used shared apps before, but I always resort back to paper, for some reason. I’ll definitely check this one out because I know it could save time AND money! I bet since it’s designed specifically for grocery lists, it’s super easy to use!

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