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EP18: Purses for the Minimalist Mom

One of our favorite accessories is the topic for today’s episode: purses! We’ll be talking about purses, diaper bags and totes – whatever fits your current phase of motherhood. One size definitely doesn’t fit all in this category. We’ll discuss how to select the right bag to fit all the mom gear you need to haul around.


A Purse Personality Quiz:

What’s your purse philosophy?

  • I should only take what I need for where I’m going
  • I should have a bag packed with essentials no matter where I’m going

When you leave the house, you take with you:

  • A purse/bag that is always packed with the same things
  • I pack according to what I’m doing that day
  • Like a man: cell phone/wallet/keys

I change out my purses/bags:

  • Daily (according to what I’m doing that day, what I feel like, or matches my outfit)
  • Seasonally (changing out colors/styles)
  • Yearly
  • When forced (my purse wears out/breaks)

I pick out a purse primarily for it’s:

  • Style/color
  • Function
  • Neither (just use what people gift me or I get for free)

What’s the price range you’re comfortable with paying for a purse (obviously depends on type of bag)?

  • $50 or less
  • $150 or less
  • $200+

True or False:

  • I feel like I carry around more than I need most days.
  • I like to keep a little room in my purse/bag for stuff I need to throw in.
  • I’m always juggling stuff in my hands because I don’t have anywhere to put it.
  • I’m constantly forgetting stuff at home I need.
  • I don’t really think about what I carry that much.
  • My back or shoulders ache.


Links Discussed in this Episode:


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  1. Jackie Jackie

    Megan, I have been eyeing up a fashionABLE purse for awhile now, I’m really trying to making a thoughtful choice for just owning one quality leather purse. I was so intrigued to hear you have one, what do you think of the quality? I would love to use my money to support a business like this, but I also need it to hold up.

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      Hi Jackie! I think the quality is excellent. I’ve only had it for a few months so I can’t vouch for how it will hold up over time. It’s a natural leather so it changes and wears over time. The leather is soft and scratches easily but it fades in as it wears. I would suggest getting some leather conditioner and using occasionally. Hope that helps!

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