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EP16: Digital Minimalism (Part Two) – Digital Photos

On today’s episode we continue our digital minimalism series and tackle the topic of digital photos. Thousands of photos occupy our iPhone camera rolls and take up hard drive space. We’ll talk about how we attempt to corral all our memories, and enjoy them rather than see them as a chore.


As minimalists, we wanted to help you focus on the three most important issues with digital photos. We can get bogged down with all that is possible or feel guilty about what we should do. Start by thinking through these three areas and you can say your photos are handled.

  1. Backing up photos
  2. Managing photos
  3. Reliving the memories

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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  1. Mary Ellen Mary Ellen

    Thanks for your podcast! Pictures/media has been keeping me awake at night for years. I became a mother in 1994 and have beautiful photo albums until about 2009 when I became conflicted on what to do with pictures- it no longer made sense to print my 35 mm prints. My youngest is 6 and I feel like I missed his childhood because I simply didn’t know what to do our pictures. I have decided after listening to this podcast to do a yearly photobook starting this year, and eventually go backwards. What is the typical size of a year long photobook for you? (pages) and what is the best site for saving and working on this throughout the year? I have 8 children and lots of milestones to document and celebrate– I just need to get started and I love the idea of uploading pics and working on a couple of pages each month, or week.

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      I’m so happy the podcast inspired and helped you! I don’t know the typical page count, but I often have to split a year of photos into 2 books because I reach the maximum pages allowed per book. I use Shutterfly to manage my photos and create my books. Happy photo book making! ~ Megan

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