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EP15: How to Handle School Clutter

On today’s episode Megan will tell you about how she manages everything her kids bring home from school. Between precious pieces of artwork, worksheets, permission slips, dioramas and science fair experiments – the clutter kids bring home from school can be overwhelming. Megan talks about her process to manage it day-to-day, and preserve their school memories.

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  1. D D

    Just listened to this episode… I was wondering, you mention doing yearly books (or trying to) for your kids. Do they like having them? Do they look through them and like having the memories? I think back to when I had a baby book my mom made, I liked looking through it, but is all this documenting and book creating worth it for kids? (“Worth it” sounds bad, it’s always worth it, lol, but you know I mean). Thoughts?

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      Thanks for your question! I think the books are more for me than them 🙂 Yes, they do look through them and enjoy them. I don’t think time spent preserving memories could ever be wasted.

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