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EP17: Minimalist Friendship…Is There Such a Thing?

Minimalist friendship. Is that really a thing? Can we really be ‘minimalist’ when it comes to our friendships? Join us as we have a candid conversation regarding the benefits of intentional relationship building.

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  1. Grotesquelex Grotesquelex

    I love this podcast. Im originally from Seattle, WA. Where ideas like being a vegan and a minimalist isn’t considered a label and more like a lifestyle norm. Moving to South Florida, similar to New York and California, theres this mentality that lures others if you have the newest car or the latest fashion.

    That being said I feel like a fish out of water. Im a young mom with a septum piercing and probably the only latina that doesn’t speak spanish and sends her kid to her 20,000.00+ a year classroom in a 2007 Nissan Sentra. Making friends with moms at this school feels close to impossible without fitting their mold. It also seems like people in general (at the park, at the grocery store, and even my nail tech) just aren’t friendly here.

    Recently there was an app launch called peanut. Is it weird to hop on a tinder for moms?

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      Thanks so much for listening and commenting! Wow, I’m so sorry your move has been so difficult. First off, you sound awesome. We would totally be your mom friends 😊. I have heard of Peanut and I say go for it! Why not? Kinda like dating, “putting yourself out there” may be the only way you can meet other moms. Best wishes to you! ~ Your virtual mom bud, Megan

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