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EP10: A Minimalist Approach to Becoming Debt-Free

Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else. -Dave Ramsey

In this episode, we discuss our approach towards becoming debt-free. We talk about what’s worked, what hasn’t and where we’re still struggling (will we ever arrive??) We give practical tips to encourage you to pursue a debt-free  lifestyle.

Get Your Debt Under Control – Practical Tips:

  • Cancel anything that is considered a ‘want’ instead of a ‘need’
  • Get rid of cable. Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, family/friends
  • Library (books + storytime + utilize free tutors)
  • Running/Walking/Internet Videos for workouts (instead of gym)
  • Coffee at home
  • Focus on sale items at grocery store (coupon apps – don’t buy what you don’t need however)
  • Grocery rewards for gas discounts
  • Pack lunch (leftovers from dinner!)
  • Sell, sell, sell.
  • Avoid temptations – stay out of the mall/shops/Target
  • Limit eating out (and when doing so, choose drinks or dinner – not both! Share entrees.)
  • Find friends that you can trade services with…haircuts, handyman, photography, babysitting, pet-sitting.
  • Give homemade gifts.
  • Turn off the ‘Buy One Click’ method.

Links discussed in the episode:

Budgeting Tools:

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  1. Brittany Brittany

    Hi! I have similar justification to house cleaning and last summer I caved and hired someone to clean my house. I spend a lot of time working & traveling outside of the home, and when I am home I hated that I would waste the short valuable family time cleaning all weekend. Or that panic 15 min clean the house before family or friends come over.

    We found someone on and have her come every other week. A clean house allows us to keep a tidy house (which my OCD self is thrilled with). The first time she spent A LONG time deep cleaning, but now every other week she does some standard items I wanted and then rotates through others.

    For example every 2 weeks she changes our bed sheets, lightly dusts, vacuums, and cleans the bathroom & kichen. And then rotating she’ll clean the fridge, baseboards, picture frames etc. We found by working with an individual we can pick and choose what we’d like her to work with, and aren’t held to the long mandatory list of items through maid services.

    Now even with 5 people in my house we’ve found we tend to keep the house clean and tidy now that we have someone help. Which is so much more relaxing then being stressed seeing a dirty sink, floors and adding it to the to-do list before bed. The $150/month I know doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, but it is worth the expenditure for our family.

    Loved your other tips! We recently declittered minimally and have been avid MINT users for years. We’ll be so excited once our student loans are paid off and moving to debt free.

    • Megan Ericson Megan Ericson

      Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to comment Brittany! I really appreciate your candor around housecleaning. Why is there this stigma in this country against women paying for housekeeping? I think other people’s perceptions is my biggest hang up (besides $). I can see how the money would be worth the piece of mind. I am a perfectionist and dust drives me to utter distraction when working from home. I’ll have to check out Thanks for the recommendation!

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