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EP08: The Capsule Wardrobe

In this episode, Megan leads us in a discussion regarding capsule wardrobes.

Biggest benefits:

  • Less stressed while getting dressed in the morning.
  • How I am dressed has great impact on my self-esteem.
  • This one decision in the morning sets the tone for my entire day.
  • A decision that is pre-made. You’ve evaluated an outfit and determined it looks good on you so you don’t have to make it again or doubt your decision. Less mental baggage.

Traditional Capsule Wardrobe: A 30-40 piece wardrobe of limited color palette that easily mixes and matches to accommodate any occasion.

Get a checklist for building your wardrobe  >>> Text “CAPSULE” to 444-999

Links Discussed in this Episode:
A Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Capsule Wardrobe
Megan’s Journey to a Capsule Wardrobe

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