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EP05: A Very Minimalist Christmas (Part One)

Join us as we discuss our traditions and gift giving throughout the Christmas season.

    • Plan ahead. Write out everyone you need to buy for (include spouse in list-making if necessary)
    • Secret Santa for extended family/coworkers (buying only one gift)
    • Wear/Want/Need/Read vs. Santa
    • Homemade gifts for teachers, coworkers, etc.
    • Gift Ideas for Grownups = Time/Experiences/Fancy Food/Charity/Nothing
    • When others want to buy for you…
      • Have a list ready
      • Have your discussion ready

Some links that we discuss in this episode:

Screentime Limit App
Christmas Card Printer
Jamie Ivey’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gifts

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One Comment

  1. Kelli H Kelli H

    Loving the info you girls are providing. So many ideas for some day when I have my own family.

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