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Coming This Fall

Coming very soon to the podcast listening device of your choice: The Minimalist Moms Podcast

Hi, We’re Megan and Diane.

And, we’re minimalist moms.

No, we don’t live in tiny houses.

We live in the suburbs of the Midwest where bigger equals better. But, the more we added to our lives, instead of feeling better, we felt overwhelmed.

It’s hard enough being a mom, the last thing you need is stress from too much stuff and overcrowded schedules. It was time for a radical new mindset: Less is More.

We’re not into extremes. We didn’t throw away everything. Our brand of minimalism is more about adding then subtracting. Get rid of the excess to make room for what you love.

In other words, it’s about living life with purpose.

We hope you will listen in and we can inspire you to think more and do with less.

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