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The Minimalist Moms Podcast is a weekly conversation between two simple-living and minimalism-loving moms, Megan Ericson and Diane Boden. 

Our goal is to inspire you to think more and do with less.

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Diane Boden Headshot

I’m Diane, wife to Marty, mom to Miss Charlotte Rose and Baby Martin. Lover of books, travel, cool autumn days and coffee. A reformed ‘shop-aholic’ (so to speak) who now readily embraces a ‘less is more’ lifestyle.

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Megan Ericson Headshot

I’m Megan, full-time mom to three little hooligans and part-time social media manager. I am a chronic purger, keeper of a capsule wardrobe, and seeker of ways to simplify life. I am an ESTJ and Enneagram #1. So, I love to be in charge. (Lord help Diane!)

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